Milestones Module

Food Development Workflow Software to help you launch products quickly

Make sure you hit those key deadlines by tracking your progress throughout each new product development stage.

Email reminders for upcoming deadlines

Customisable milestones to match your NPD process

An overview of progress

Time to act

On a deadline? Milestones will send out notifications for upcoming and time-sensitive NPD tasks. It will even email the right person, once you’ve assigned activities to your colleagues. No more chasing up for you; Milestones will take care of that.

Log your workflow

There’s an adaptable chronological schedule just waiting to be followed. It’ll take you from notion through to potion and right onto the shelves. 

Input test and trial results, and capture important details in the system. Simply add in your personal milestones for a fully customised experience.

Track your progress

Gain a thorough overview of where each project’s at. This will highlight any falling behind, so you can choose where’s best to allocate your resources.

Other modules

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Complaints is another module you can add on to increase the capabilities of your NPD software. Add to your package to bring complaints to a resolution quickly, and reduce future occurrences by improving processes.


Take briefs through the stages of product development, ensuring they are prepared to enter production and hit the shelves with a successful product launch.