Efficiently manage sample requests and improve conversion to orders

Record requests from your customers for samples of products and ingredients. Schedule their production, follow up for feedback and log any comments against the sample request, and track success rates of purchase following a request.

Radically increase quality, pace and levels of feedbacks from clients requesting samples

Bulk print labels and kitchen instructions for the day’s samples

Identify clients where there is a poor return on the investment made in this area

Auto chase clients for feedback

The Samples Out module makes it easy for you to capture comprehensive details about requests your clients make for product samples, dispatch status and customers from whom no response has been received. It also tracks who is managing the “feedback chasing” process and if / when / why these requests lead to orders.

Manage the production of daily sample production sheets with a facility to bulk print the scaled kitchen instructions and associated labels. The module also contains tools to create a rollup of the ingredients needed (or “shopping list”) for the day’s kitchen production.

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The Complaints module helps you deal with incoming complaints from customers and guides you through an initial investigation towards a quick resolution.




Capture and define a client’s requirements for new products, to drive the NPD process and track progress.



Incurred Costs

Track the costs involved in product development and tie back to a source brief, giving you visibility over the true cost of NPD.


Samples In

Log requests and key details for sample requests from your suppliers, tracking costs and recording feedback.