Briefs Module

Food development briefs that keep you on track

Speed up new recipe development and make it easy to get your product to market – whether that’s a new product or adding to an existing food or drink range. Log stages and costs to give you full visibility of the process, and check the development makes commercial sense. 

Speed up the NPD process

Tie costs of developing a product back to a brief

Capture commercial requirements and deadlines

Speed up NPD processes

Launch your food products faster by staying on top of active briefs and alerting your NPD to new briefs that come in from the commercial team.

On time; on budget

Our food development briefs module keeps your eyes trained on technical and commercial requirements, as well as deadlines imposed by your clients. 

In other words, you’ll see what they want, when they want it, and how much they are willing to spend.

Easy transparency for increased sales

Your tech, sales and marketing teams can read the comments streams during the development phase to get to know food’s best features, and help get your product not only onto the shelves, but into shopping bags as well.

Other modules

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Recipe costing lite

Keep track of the overall ingredient expenditure for each recipe, streamlining your pre-production expenses.


Ensure you meet those key deadlines by closely tracking your progress at each stage of the new product development journey.