Products Module

Food product development: software that takes you from concept to creation

Take briefs through the stages of product development, ready to move into production and hit the shelves with a successful product launch.

Version-controlled specification documents

Automatic calculations that generate back of pack labelling

Inbuilt milestones system to conquer key deadlines

Auto-generated specification documents

The software houses all the information about a product that is needed to automatically generate a technical specification document. 

Add ingredients or change ratios at the click of a button.

Then simply refresh the specification document and it will display the latest version all updated, ready to send out to your customers. 

At ease. Keep everyone happy.

With dedicated areas focusing on Kitchen and Technical teams, you can log Kitchen Instructions and any associated information, right through to manufacturing steps.

Software that does the maths. So you don’t have to.

A system smart enough to do valuable work for you. NPDtech will generate the ingredient declaration and countries of origin lists, also calculating the nutritional values, ingredient costs and allergens in the recipe.

It’s crunchtime

Never miss a deadline. With embedded milestone tools to keep you on track, it’s quicker to launch than ever before.

Other modules

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Nutrition and recipe information is stored and summarised in the Ingredients module.


Create and manage technical information about your product in one clean, centralised system.