Take your products through from concept to creation

The facilities in the product module help take product concepts, through the stages of product development, ready to move into production and hit the shelves with a successful product launch.

Tools to help NPD and Technical take product ideas through to launch

Auto calculate nutrition, Country of Origin, the cost to make and allergens

Integrated Customer Brief, Sample and Milestone system

The system has areas focused on both the Kitchen team and the Technical team enabling them to log the Kitchen Instructions and associated information through to manufacturing steps.

A detailed recipe is used to Roll-Up: Nutrition, Country of Origin, Cost to Make and Allergens that can automate creation of Back of Pack labelling.

Embedded tools help product development that initiates from a customer brief and that involve sample requests.  A milestone system helps ensure the key stages are met on time to achieve a launch date. A dedicated specification sub-module auto generates version controlled Specification Documents.

Other modules you may be interested in



The Complaints module helps you deal with incoming complaints from customers and guides you through an initial investigation towards a quick resolution.




Capture and define a client’s requirements for new products, to drive the NPD process and track progress.



Incurred Costs

Track the costs involved in product development and tie back to a source brief, giving you visibility over the true cost of NPD.


Samples In

Log requests and key details for sample requests from your suppliers, tracking costs and recording feedback.