Supplier Non-Conformance Module

Log, manage and resolve supplier non-conformances

Get to the bottom of non-conformances raised internally about your suppliers and bring any issues to a speedy resolution.

A platform to document, manage and resolve issues quickly

Automatic email chasers that prompt supplier responses

Reports that highlight non-conformance trends

Obstacles: overcome

Everyone slips up, but in food production issues need to be resolved quickly.

agile:NPDTech’s supplier non-conformance software helps you log concerns, upload evidence and classify the type and severity of each non-conformance raised. 

Then simply assign someone to oversee it to a resolution.

Automated follow-up

Just one click alerts your supplier to the issue at hand, prompting them for a response. And if they drag their feet, the automatic email chaser takes over, following up on any outstanding corrective actions.

When it’s easy for your suppliers, it’s easy for you

All your suppliers have to do is click on the link and fill in their responses, defining the root cause and detailing future preventative actions. They can also upload any supporting evidence.

This gets pulled into your software automatically and you’ll be notified by the system, so you can verify their responses and put the non-conformance to bed.

The bigger picture

Regular non-compliance reports highlight underlying problems. Track trends to see which suppliers are struggling to maintain high standards in their service, product or process.

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