Manage and resolve supplier issues

Log and capture non-conformances raised interally about your suppliers. Record all the information your organisation needs to deal with a non-conforming service, product or process, from one of your suppliers and assign it to someone to manage through to a resolution.

Set up automatic email Chasers to prompt a supplier to respond to a non-conformance raised

Identifies suppliers with high levels of issues raised and highlights trends

The Non-Conformance section helps you to log an issue, including the uploading of any evidence, classify the type and severity of the Non-Conformance and assign those responsible for managing it. You can also record decisions regarding “Immediate Corrective Actions”.

Inform the supplier of the issue with a single click, then chase them for any outstanding responses via the in-built chaser. Log the supplier’s response, defining the root cause and preventative actions, then verify the closure of the issue.

A dedicated section of the software contains the reports to help you on a day-to-day basis to manage outstanding issues.

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The Complaints module helps you deal with incoming complaints from customers and guides you through an initial investigation towards a quick resolution.




Capture and define a client’s requirements for new products, to drive the NPD process and track progress.



Incurred Costs

Track the costs involved in product development and tie back to a source brief, giving you visibility over the true cost of NPD.


Samples In

Log requests and key details for sample requests from your suppliers, tracking costs and recording feedback.