Incurred Costs Module

A complete overview of your food product development costs

Unexpected costs hit us all. Record them here as you move from concept to creation, showing you which products are really worth your time.

Record hours as well as outlay

Capture additional costs at any point during the NPD process

Attribute expenditure to individual briefs

Find out what your products are really worth.

It all adds up

Expensive ingredient?

Airfreighting a sample?

Flights for a briefing?

Check where your money really goes during new product development, by recording all the ‘here and there’ expenditure during brief, recipe and samples out phases. 

Time is money

Understand the true value of your product by tracking time commitments and travel necessities. Assess where inefficiency leads to rising product development costs, and get to grips with clients that have the potential to become long term partners.

Comprehend your spend 

Match money out with money provided within a customer’s brief. See if you’ve come in on, or over, budget, and adapt the product or your processes accordingly. 

Other modules

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Recipe costing lite

Keep track of the overall ingredient expenditure for each recipe, streamlining your pre-production expenses.


Ensure you meet those key deadlines by closely tracking your progress at each stage of the new product development journey.