Management Information Module

Management Information to keep things running smoothly

Get a clear and up-to-date overview of progress and upcoming actions across your NPD and technical departments.

A personalised dashboard of business insight

Trend data displayed in views and charts

A smart solution to supplier management

View critical information on your personalised dashboard, so you can analyse trend data and better inform your business decisions.

Audit-ready, at all times

Here’s where supplier management really pays off. You’re always ready to show due diligence – such as completed audits, visits and SAQs. All the key information is summarised on the module dashboard so it’s ready and waiting for compliance checks.

Pretty as a picture

There’s views, charts, colours and labels: it’s an organisational dream. But there’s nothing frivolous about the information our software provides. It allows you to analyse trends in the data, so you can gain an overview of operations and spot opportunities for growth.

Other modules

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Keep all useful supplier information at hand in a centralised cloud-based CRM system.

Recipe costing lite

Keep track of the overall ingredient expenditure for each recipe, streamlining your pre-production expenses.