Ingredients Module

Ingredients specification software for food product development

Our ingredients specification software stores and summarises supplier information, so you know what stage they’re at in the approvals process, as well as any other organisations involved in the supply chain.

Nutrition and recipe information stored and summarised

Ingredients-level FSA risks assessed and flagged

Software that auto-chases suppliers for missing ingredient specifications

An overview and a deep dive. All in one.

If a supply chain issue means you need to quickly swap out an ingredient, it’s easy to find a replacement or interim supplier. There’s a summary of everyone involved in the supply chain of each ingredient, and it’s really easy to filter by suppliers already approved.

Diligence made simple. Threats neutralised. 

Follow up if necessary.

With auto-populated Food Alerts from the Food Standards Agency, you’ll never miss a notification again. The software assesses which alerts are relevant to your supply chain and flags bulletins that mention your ingredients, made products or supplier.

Act upon alerts immediately by logging specific follow-up actions and pinging the relevant teams. 

Schedule and log regular ingredient risk assessments and identify vulnerabilities based on ingredient type and country of origin.

Missing info? The software will automatically chase suppliers for you

AgileChilli’s chaser is efficient and emotion-free. It’ll prompt suppliers for ingredient specification documents and automatically bring them into the software for you to review and approve.

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Create and manage technical information about your product in one clean, centralised system. 


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