Supplier Approval

Be compliant & audit-ready with total control over your supply chain

Cloud based software that ensures food manufacturers are always compliant and ready for your next audit. Easily manage your suppliers and ingredients, and keep track of accreditations and risk assessments with our revolutionary automatic email chasers.



Evidence at your fingertips on each of your suppliers. Validate your ingredients are safe with current specifications, and manage and review non-conformances easily.


Save time by setting up automatic email chasers to gather up to date specifications and accreditations from your suppliers.


Always have the latest information on your suppliers available at your fingertips. Access anywhere from head office, to factory floor.


Guarantee your products are always safe and trustworthy by easily managing HACCP, vunerabilities and threats.

Automatic chasers

Automatically set up email ‘chasers’ or ‘reminders’ to go out to your suppliers, reminding them to send over updated documents. This revolutionary tool is proven to make the process of approving your suppliers much more efficient and helps to ensure you are always audit-ready with up to date information on your supply chain.

+ Chase a supplier for an ingredient’s specification doc
+ Reminder that an ingredient’s Risk assessment is due
+ Chase a supplier for an outstanding SAQ
+ Reminder a supplier audit is due to expire
+ Reminder that a supplier accreditation is due to expire
+ Chase a supplier for a response to a non-Conformance



Weekly Reports

A weekly email is sent out with a report of activity that has happened in the past week, what is scheduled to happen the following week and a record of any automatically generated chasers and a list of “outstanding” items. Easily keep track of ingredients awaiting approval

risk assessments that are due, and food alerts from the past week from the Food Standards Agency. Ingredient specifications and supplier accreditations that have expired in the past week, and due to expire the following are also flagged up.

Managing new suppliers and product samples

As a manufacturer, you’ll continually be reviewing your ingredient suppliers and looking at buying in a new ingredients for new products. Supplier Approval allows you to log any samples you receive against the appropriate ingredient and supplier, or record a new supplier if you haven’t purchased from them in the past. Collating feedback in one place ensures you are always ontop of decisions, speeding up new product development.

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