agile:SA software

Supplier Approval software
for technical teams

agile:SA is cloud based software that helps technical teams to manage supplier approvals. Easily keep track of accreditations and risk assessments with our revolutionary automatic email chasers, to ensure you are always compliant. Be ready for your next audit with total control over your supply chain.

Comprehensive supplier management tools

Streamline your processes without any spreadsheets. Collect documentation automatically from suppliers to ensure your products are safe, evidenced and fully up-to-date.

See it in action

Easy-access, cloud based overview of all your suppliers.

Take control of your supply chain with the latest information on your suppliers and ingredients.

Agile:SA contains four core modules from the full agile:NPDtech package for manufacturers that don’t need the full range of new product development features.

Keep track of accreditations, risk assessments and more with our automatic chaser

Get responses from the right people at the right time – without having to chase them yourself. 

Our agile Chaser gathers up-to-date specifications and accreditations, risk assessments and more by following up with suppliers whenever expiry dates come around.

Supplier compliance management simplified

Help ensure your products are always safe and trustworthy by managing HACCP through risk assessments. Resolve non-conformances with your suppliers quickly, and efficiently find alternative approved suppliers you can switch to without disrupting your production. 


Regular reports can be set up to keep you appraised of all recent activity, what’s scheduled soon, flag any automatically generated chaser alerts and present any outstanding tasks.


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