Complaints module

Complaint handling software that improves your business

Complete oversight: follow complaints through to resolution to help you refine your products and processes, and reduce future occurrences.

A simple step-by-step process to investigate complaints

A communication log for complete oversight

Charting to identify trends to help reduce future complaints

Step by step

Log your complaint 

There’s space for details, photos, documents and all further communication

It’ll be your guide

Follow the simple initial investigation process to help determine the level of severity

Take action 

The software will identify appropriate next steps, based on the severity of the complaint. It may require you to establish the root cause, document corrective measures and take follow up actions.

Assign tasks

Allocate actions to colleagues or suppliers, and let the Chaser automatically prompt them to complete each task

Advantage: you.

Identify trending issues. Use the feedback to improve your products.

Complaints offer valuable feedback. With clear analysis, charts and word clouds, you can identify common themes trending across comments, and hone your products or processes accordingly.

Problems: resolved. Complaints: decreased

Transform your weaknesses into saleable assets by keeping abreast of any concerns so you can shout about your successes instead. 

Other modules

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Milestones is another module you can add on to increase the capablities of your NPD software. Add to your package to ensure you meet key deadlines and track progress at each stage of the new product development journey.

Supplier non-conformance

investigate non-conformances raised concerning your suppliers and promptly address any concerns to reach a swift resolution.