Investigate and resolve complaints

Capture and record details about complaints, upload photos and documents, and assign tasks (e.g. corrective actions) to individuals, who will be notified and chased automatically by the software.

The charting of trends and word clouds of complaint types, along with easy filtering of complaint information will help you to keep on top of your complaints and reduce future occurrences.

Identify issues as they emerge

Identify common problems by product or process

Allocate ownership of tasks and follow-ups

The Complaints module helps you deal with incoming complaints whether from your customers or end consumers. The system guides you through an initial investigation that helps identify the severity. Different levels of investigation are enforced depending on the allocated severity with the most critical requiring root cause, corrective actions and follow up. Tasks are clearly allocated to specific users. All communication with the person making the complaint can be logged.

Other modules you may be interested in


Supplier Non-Conformance

Log, manage and store evidence of issues with suppliers. Identifies suppliers with high levels of issues raised and highlights trends.




Capture and define a client’s requirements for new products, to drive the NPD process and track progress.



Incurred Costs

Track the costs involved in product development and tie back to a source brief, giving you visibility over the true cost of NPD.



Samples In

Log requests and key details for sample requests from your suppliers, tracking costs and recording feedback.