We offer 3 standard packages on our agile:NPDtech software that suit most food businesses. Additional users to can be added on to any package for as little as £20 per month. There is a one-off set up charge to get you up and running, then packages are billed monthly.

Setup and Professional Services

Data Population and Import

We offer three levels of support to help get you up and running with your data.

Add on modules

You can subscribe to these modules on a monthly basis, in addition to the core modules included in agile:NPDtech. The prices below include 1 user, additional users can be added on for £12/month.

Samples in
available from £24/month

Log details and requests for samples from your suppliers



available from £39/month

Manage individual product development via user defined milestones


Internal Non-Conformances (Beta)
available from £24/month

Log and manage internal incidents and issues, for quick resolution


available from £59/month

Identify issues as they emerge and capture details about complaints



Ingredient Price Reviews
available from £24/month

Track changes in prices, help to identify alternatives and manage price negotiations

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