agile:NPDtech software

New food product development

Software for rapid innovation and robust compliance

12 core modules

7 key features

1 team of experts

Countless benefits

Here are our favourites

Rapid recipe development

Innovation can’t be automated – but ingredient declarations and other parts of your technical specifications can. Enter data once and use it throughout your processes.

One tweak in your product development process could result in hours of manual updates to technical documents, but with agile:NPDtech, everything is brought up to date with just one click.

Creativity with control

Pick and mix ingredients to find a perfect blend: one that works for your client’s budget and their customer’s taste buds.

But not without robust compliance. Fulfil audit requirements, approve suppliers and check any red flags at ingredient or product level.

What Not
a to-do

We’ll let you know which tasks have already been ticked-off, and what’s upcoming or outstanding.


12 core solutions and two add-on modules to take you through each stage of new food product development – from concept to creation.

Customise your software by adding on our optional modules, to further benefit you and your team.

Solutions that grow as you do

Build custom modules
to fit your company