Our products are build on agileBase, our flexible and robust cloud platform

What is agileBase?

agileBase is our uniquely flexible cloud-based platform. It provides a massively scalable and secure foundation on which to build enterprise-class software, fast!

With over 26 man-years of development baked in and there’s not a lot it can’t do.

How does it work?

agileBase: a four tiered platform

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The underlying database, PostgreSQL, is the world’s most advanced open source database. It boasts many sophisticated features and is highly scalable.

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Our administration system uses Java server side and web client technologies. Whenever an application is built our system automatically creates and manages a PostgreSQL database.

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Integration with other software is facilitated by comprehensive data access APIs we’ve developed using industry standard data transfer mechanisms such as JSON.

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The user interface, built with standard web technologies, is clear, concise, consistent, attractive, effective and efficient, – all of which makes it a joy to use.


agilebase has a large “library” of reusable blocks that can be used in an infinite number of ways. In short, agileBase gives you software that fits your business – not the other way around. The capabilities of the agileBase platform have been built up over a number of years and are available to every user of every application.

We approach software differently

With an agile platform, customisable interface, and expert partners.


Our interface is completely mobile compatible, with its intuitive interface being a key difference from our competitors.


Development takes hours, not months, so you always keep pace with what your company needs, now and in the future.


See the outcome of each of your requests immediately on the screen, so a framework is quickly built which you can then start using and testing.

What can be built with agileBase?

Explore the range of applications built on agileBase, and see how other customers have put them to use.

Apps that most our customers use

Health and safety

Monitor and update all procedures centrally

Transport maintanence

Keep your fleet on the road

iPad data collection

A branded app for collecting signups at trade shows

Apps that some businesses find useful

Recipe management

From tracking allergens to calculating costings to printing ingredients labels

Proximity matching

Match up schools and work experience organisations based on geographical location

Learning Management System

Get everyone involved to increase your organisation’s IQ!

And when there isn’t anything out there that fits what you’re after, we build it on agileBase

Requirements definition

Manage and MoSCoW requirements


Automated invoice generation

Film & TV Research

Create, publish and sell market research

Traceablitity tracker

Manage and MoSCoW requirements

Asset location library

Photos, notes and service histories for all equipment.

Rebate claim tracker

Do suppliers advertise with you? Don’t lose track of what you’re owed


Once a product has been setup or a project completed organisations need to know that there is someone to help them when there is a bug or they get stuck.

We provide a range of support options to cover the variety of requirements in this area.

First Line Support

Best for those organisations that lack either / or / both people with the required level of IT knowledge or business understanding of their system. In these situations we take all calls, regardless of the nature of their content, and record / categorise them.

Second Line Support

This is available to organisations that have designated an individual who is either qualified or trained to be able to respond to most low level user requests. Normally they would also maintain an issues log and raise items that required commercial discussions with the relevant stakeholders.

Because no two organisations are the same most support agreements will be tailored to the specific organisational situation.


At agileChilli we deliver CRM projects and projects in the Food sector.

agileBase can however be used in a huge variety of other ways. It is an incredibly powerful, fast and flexible cloud development platform.

To allow us to make agileBase available to other markets we have built a partnership with Logic Software who have over 15 years experience in building bespoke systems for a wide range of clients from Blue Chip companies such as Boeing to ambitious startups such as Play More Golf.

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We have recently worked very closely with Logic on several very successful projects so if you need a unique system at a reasonable price why not call us to speak about your needs. We will help you decide on the best route forward.