Case Study/Business software integrations

Integrating with other business software

Already run software such as SAP Business One, Sage or Microsoft Dynamics? AgileChilli is built on the leading Agilebase platform which means our software integrates easily with other ERP systems.

Real-time, synchronised information across systems

Our software seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One, enabling both systems to efficiently run essential business applications.

This integration enhances data flow, streamlines processes, and facilitates informed decision-making throughout the organisation.

By combining the strengths of our software and SAP Business One, businesses can effectively manage inventory, automate financial processes, and analyse sales trends within a cohesive ecosystem, fostering growth and success.

Agilebase Platform

Agilebase is the leading No Code business platform. Having been developed over the past 14 years, there is no limit to what you can do with Agilebase and it can adapt to whatever tomorrow brings.

Few organisations can specify all their needs when they begin purchasing software. It is hard to know how well software will map to these as yet unknown requirements. Agilebase software is adaptable enough to evolve as the organisation rises to meet each new and unforeseen challenge.

The platform makes it easy to integrate with third-party systems, or to extend the core food software specific to your company needs.