Speed up your new product development with better management of sample requests

Where new ingredients are required, either to sell on to a customer, or use as an ingredient in a new recipe, the NPD team can log development samples that you have requested from suppliers. Note the reason for its request, whether or not it had a specification, and any feedback you have given the supplier.

Easily track which samples have been requested to avoid duplicate requests

Log feedback against a sample in one cloud-based system

Easily track the progress of a sample request in order to avoid duplication or kick start the approval process, and see an overview of the current status of requests  – for example, whether it has been requested and from which suppliers or has arrived, speeding up your new product development process.

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The Complaints module helps you deal with incoming complaints from customers and guides you through an initial investigation towards a quick resolution.




Capture and define a client’s requirements for new products, to drive the NPD process and track progress.



Incurred Costs

Track the costs involved in product development and tie back to a source brief, giving you visibility over the true cost of NPD.


Supplier Non-Conformance

Log, manage and store evidence of issues with suppliers. Identifies suppliers with high levels of issues raised and highlights trends.