FREE additional users to enable home working

We understand that for many of you, home working simply isn’t an option. But where you can work remotely, we want to help.

That’s why for as long as the UK schools remain closed, agileChilli will give you additional licenses at no extra cost. Helping your team stay safe, and your business stay productive.

For example, senior management may like to have logins in order to be able to step in to help other staff.

New agile:NPDtech users usually cost £43 a month. We are waiving this fee for as long as the schools stay shut (for a reasonable number of users)

We’ll notify you when things change and give the option of retaining these licences at the prevailing rate or cancelling without cost.

Add users today in three easy steps: 1. click agileSpace in the top right-hand corner of your system. 2. select the ‘User’ tile. 3. add new people to your team.

Our cloud software keeps everything secure, even from home

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) helps to keep your company’s data more secure, to stop outsiders stealing it, editing or even deleting it.

When someone logs in from a new device or location, our Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system prompts them for a code sent to or generated by their phone, to prove their identity.

But, that’s not all.

Our Content Security Policy (CSP) is a security mechanism that, when someone’s logged in, prevents unwanted code from running.

Only specific places, like our own server and a couple of whitelisted services we use, like Google to display maps, can serve code to the browser.

Vital peace of mind when people are working remotely.

Global supply chain in jeopardy? Approve new suppliers super-fast

If a supplier informs you that they can’t deliver an ingredient agileChilli lets you identify every affected product, instantly. Helping you pre-empt issues and maintain supply.  

And if needs must, you can change suppliers with a few clicks.  

Concerned about agileChilli’s business continuity? Don’t worry, we’re good

We’re experts in remote working, having always split our time between our Bristol office and our desks at home. So, we’re taking easily to the current change in circumstances, and this won’t impact our ability to support you.

What’s more we’re a multi-disciplinary team. If Coronavirus means any of us is temporarily out of action, the team will fill in and the show will go on.

Finally, we just want to say thank you.

We know you’ll be as worried as we are about the health of our loved ones, and the livelihoods of all around us. And yet many of you are working round the clock to help others, and for that we are all thankful.

To all of you battling to keep the world fed: 

If there is anything we can do to help, just ask.