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Switch from spreadsheets to software

With the government introducing its new HFSS legislation in October 2022, there’s probably never been a better time to switch from spreadsheets to software.
With recipes old and new requiring an HFSS food score from October, food manufacturers and developers have their work cut out to ensure they can deliver all of these scores to the retailers well ahead of this date.

Save time and money

Scores are often difficult to calculate, replicate across multiple recipes can prove cost and time consuming.

agile:NPDtech, the innovative software produced by agileChilli, is a time saver and a cost saver with HFSS scores automatically compiled by the software, avoiding complicated calculations and conundrums that might occur when using spreadsheets.

Transform your NPD

To see just how easy it is to produce product specifications as well as to formulate, and if necessary reformulate, recipes to ensure everything is compliant with the upcoming legislation, we’re offering FREE 5 minute remote demos of the agile:NPDtech software. We believe that we can show you how beneficial our software can be to your NPD process right now and in the future.

A smooth transition from spreadsheets to HFFS compliant software

Learn how Meatless Farm removed the stress of complicated spreadsheets utilising agileChilli software, resulting in a system that is already HFSS compliant.

The change has already proved a success, welcomed by staff who were genuinely excited by the software’s versatility.

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