Software for NPD and technical teams to manage new product development with compliance 

Rapid Innovation

Robust Compliance

Easy Evidence

agile:NPDtech modules

Being speedy to market with innovative, exciting ideas counts more than ever in today’s competitive food space. Our core agile:NPDtech modules below are for forward thinking food businesses, helping you to embrace creativity, but remain in control of process and quality management at every step.

A centralised cloud-based list of your supply chain

Take product concepts through development and into production

Auto-generate product specification documents with full version control

Supplier Non-Conformance
Log, manage and store evidence of issues with suppliers

Supplier Approval
Evidence your approval process for the supply of ingredients

Calculate or insert nutrition figures for your recipes

Capture and define requirements, costs and process for NPD

Log specifications, risk assessments and details of suppliers

Samples Out
Record requests for samples and manage their production and feedback

Incurred Costs
Record additional costs incurred during NPD and while handling a customer brief

Management Information
An overview of data about your suppliers, ingredients and renewals due

Recipe Costing Lite
Calculate the total ingredient cost of a recipe, and the contribution of each ingredient

What our customers say about using agile:NPDtech software

agileChilli helps us manage and streamline our process, and we have all of our data in one place. It’s making supplier approval so much easier, and not having to chase people; that’s the biggest benefit for me.”

Steph Lewis, Technical Services Manager
The Meatless Farm Co.

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We offer 3 standard packages on agile:NPDtech that suit most businesses, but additional users can be added at extra cost per month. There is a one-off set up charge to get you up and running, then packages are billed monthly.

Add on modules

You can subscribe to these modules on a monthly basis, in addition to the core modules included in agile:NPDtech.

Manage individual product development via user defined milestones

Identify issues as they emerge and capture details about complaints



With access to additional tutorials and more advanced settings, manage your team and get the most out of using agile:NPDtech.

Ensure supplier and customer records are all in one place, with site details, organisation contact information and emergency and technical contacts.

Save your technical team valuable time spent chasing suppliers for out-of-date information, and set up agile:NPDtech to chase suppliers automatically.

The calendar not only keeps track of all your commitments but is also pulls in any supplier records that are due for renewal.

With easy filtering and version control, agileDocs stores everything in one place, available at your fingertips, from anywhere.

Never lose track of progress with the comment stream, which pulls through updates from everywhere in the software.

Feature suggestions

We listen to our users. Add and vote up feature suggestions for agile:NPDtech here.


A weekly email is sent out with a report of activity that has happened in the past week, what is scheduled to happen the following week and a record of any automatically generated chasers and a list of “outstanding” items. Easily keep track of ingredients awaiting approval

risk assessments that are due, and food alerts from the past week from the Food Standards Agency. Ingredient specifications and supplier accreditations that have expired in the past week, and due to expire the following are also flagged up.

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agile:NPDtech Hybrid Upgrade

The capabilities of the system don’t stop there, indeed as well as these ‘out of the box’ features, our revolutionary ‘hybrid’ software model means that any custom modules you like can be created with you and added on. Customers have built hundreds of applications, from training records to vehicle management. Take a look at our platform capabilities and hybrid model case study to find out more.