Manage product innovation with compliance. Software for Technical and NPD teams.

Being speedy to market with innovative, exciting ideas counts more than ever in today’s competitive food space. New product development is creative and technical at the same time. Our NPD Tech tools let you embrace your creativity and remain in control of process and quality management at every step. 


On the factory floor, in the office, even when with clients. As cloud software you can make it available to anyone, anywhere once you decide to grant access


The interface is intuitive, responsive and designed to truly fit the needs of your users


Integration is seamless with existing systems (including intelligent machines), via our dedicated API


Social collaboration and discussion is built in at every step, delivering transparency, accountability and improved productivity

Speed, collaboration and control

agileChilli recognise the need for NPD and Technical teams to work seamlessly to find new customers or better serve existing ones.

Using our software helps the NPD team to rapidly create new products or variants and track the impact on cost, nutrition, allergens and origins with every change to the recipe.

All data is immediately available to the Technical team to ensure compliance; controlling allergens, species, countries of origin and producing detailed specifications. NPDtech helps your company keep pace with the ever-stricter technical requirements of the food industry.


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Innovation with compliance

NPD:tech takes our expertise from the past ten years of food manufacturing into an exciting new world where product development doesn’t have to mean bureaucracy and new recipe ideas can flourish.

The software takes care of tracking and recording all information along the development lifecycle, from idea (whether internal or customer-led) through to briefs and

samples then finished products. Automated notifications mean the right decision makers are kept in the loop at all times but no one’s bombarded with unnecessary alerts and emails.

We follow an agile methodology that gets the best out of your NPD staff, giving full reign to their creative spirits, while giving your Technical staff the control that they and your customers need.

New product development

Create with confidence


Be faster to market, over and over again, at the best possible cost and value


Develop and formulate your recipes for taste, nutrition and the best ingredients-sourcing


Easily meet all standards and benchmarks, whether regulatory, internal or customer driven


Enjoy built in search and reporting capabilities that are simple and intuitive

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We offer 3 standard packages on agile:NPDtech that suit most businesses, but further users can be optionally added at extra cost per month. agile:NPDtech includes all the supplier approval modules in agile:SA. Packages are billed monthly. 

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