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Frequently asked questions

How do I add a job role to a contact?

Adding the role Technical to a contact will include them in ‘Chase’ emails. For example, chasing the Ingredient Specification document for new ingredients.

What is an emergency contact?
During a product recall, contacting the right people without delay is essential.

Within an Incident Management Plan there should be specific, accurate and up-to-date contact lists; access to emergency contact lists could be available at all times, allowing communication at any time of day or night.

How do you add an ingredient

To add a new ingredient, click on the Ingredients tile and a screen listing all the ingredients will appear. Click on the add new button on the left hand menu to add a new ingredient, or to edit an existing ingredient, click on the row to load that ingredient.

Which documents and information will the software automatically chase suppliers for?

The Chaser can be set to automatically email suppliers when specifications, SAQs and certifications are due for renewal. It can also email suppliers when a non-conformance is set up requiring action.

Can I override or alter the Chaser settings?

Yes, the chaser settings can be set up to suit your company by going into the Chaser tile, and clicking on the button to alter preferences. The content of the first message can also edited on the individual document that needs chasing.

How easily can I create new versions of products in NPD?

It’s really easy to create copies of products where you may want to change some ingredients, either to create product varients or this is especially useful in speeding up your product development after receiving feedback from a sample you’ve sent out.

Take your recipe and press ‘clone’ to create a copy. You can use this as a base recipe ready for you to edit.

How do I add a new user?

Click on agileSpace in the top right hand corner and select the ‘User’ tile. This allows you to see all the users on the software and add new people to the team. New users to the software cost £43/month. Adding a new user to any of the add-on modules you have subscribed to will cost £12/module.

What do you do to protect my data?

We take security incredibly seriously, because we understand the importance of your data. That’s why we ensure that all our hosting providers follow a comprehensive data security protocol, and have fail-safe redundancy built in.

To guarantee uptime 365 days a year, we use multiple hosts, with separate, physical data centres. It means that whatever happens, your data is backed up.

How do I filter data?

The ability to filter data is one of the things that makes agile:NPDtech really powerful. Searching and filtering is quite easy by typing in the box under each column header, the list beneath will filter in real time. Here are some other basic filters you can use.

Can I share progress with my manager?

A weekly email is sent out with a report of activity that has happened in the past week, what is scheduled to happen the following week and a record of any automatically generated chasers and a list of “outstanding” items. Easily keep track of ingredients awaiting approval risk assessments that are due, and food alerts from the past week from the Food Standards Agency. Ingredient specifications and supplier accreditations that have expired in the past week, and due to expire the following are also flagged up.

How do I know when something is coming up for renewal?

By default, the software will know something needs to be updated providing that a date has been added in the previous record. Things due for renewal will be included in the weekly report email, as well as in views in the software.

Each type of record will have a differnt default timeframe, depending on the risk profile of the supplier, and these can be easily altered to suit your company.

Where Chasers have been set up, by default, the contact marked as the ‘Technical’ contact will receive an automatic reminder and a form to upload the new document or information. The software will then alert you once that has been received for review.

Support and Training Packages

When you decide to implement software like agile:NPDtech it’s critical you and your team members get effective training right from the start. As well as extensive documentation available through the help centre, we can offer onsite and remote training packages to your staff, to help you get the most out of your software.

System Admin Training

As part of implementation onto the software, setting up the account setting, users, permissions, and training a key person onsite to be a source of inhouse support, we can arrange onsite training at £750/day + travel expenses, or £750/day for remote training to key people in the team.


User Training

If you’d like help getting started with our software, or want to find out about particular functionality, we can arrange to run training with you or some of your team remotely or onsite (minimum of 1 day) at £750/day + travel expenses if required.


Further Support

Paid users can get individual help logging support tickets within the software, and a range of tutorials can be accessed through agileSpace.