User interface updates from partners

It’s always good to have new eyes on the platform, and this month we’ve been working on projects with a couple of new partners – or at least supporting them while they do most of the work! 

During this period they have noticed a couple of improvement opportunities in the user interface, so this release is a minor one to implement those. Thanks to Argenta and Techni-K for their input.

Read-only mode

Certain people e.g. contractors or external parties may only need read-only access to some data in the system. The read-only version of the record screen has now been improved to remove some glitches, such as duplication of the field names of checkboxes and make everything look better.

Embedded data fields

An option has also been added for referenced data fields to allow you more control over how they’re displayed on screen. 

Below is how each of the four options will look like on screen to a user.

Panel fieldname and content fieldnames:
Panel fieldname, no content fieldnames
Content fieldnames
no fieldnames

To use this new functionality, go to the fields tab for the table the field is in and click ‘edit options’. Then choose a value for the ‘display of fields’ option.

Optional colouring for date fields

The system automatically highlights out of the ordinary values with colour, based on how many standard deviations from the mean they are. This works with both numbers and date fields.

For numeric fields, you have always been able to enable/disable this behaviour in the field options. That has now been extended to date fields too. Previously it was always enabled, now it can be disabled if necessary.

More intuitive navigation of sub-records

Navigation arrows have been added to the headings of sub-records (records in a tab of the main record – ‘black pepper’ in the below example), to make looking through many records quicker and more obvious.

We hope these small tweaks make a difference. We look forward to hearing more of your feedback in future.

Source: Agilebase