In these unprecedented times, work continues here at agileBase (from our homes). 

Whilst it’s not on the top of most people’s agenda, we do have a new release going out so I thought we should let you know the details so they aren’t a surprise. In brief…

Emailing documents

There’s a new feature to allow easy emailing of documents uploaded to agileBase to co-workers or outside people (e.g. customers) who don’t have a login.

Next to a document, click the email button. You can then click ‘add recipient’ to choose a recipient, or manually enter an address. The system will let you choose from contacts it finds in your database.

Logging changes to locked fields 

When unlocking a field to change the value, the system prompts you to enter a comment. It now automatically pre-populates the prompt with the value you’re changing from, to make it easier to see what the change was. You can add your own comment too.

Intelligent colours for charts

Do you notice anything strange about this graph? Experience any cognitive dissonance?

From now on, agileBase will colour breakdown charts based on the categories. Words like red/amber/green, hot/cold, done/in progress/overdue will be coloured appropriately. Other words will continue to be assigned random colours. If you have any words that you’d like special colours for, please let us know.


We’ve tweaked lots of other things too small to notice every day but which should make the system run more smoothly.

That’s all for now. We wish all the best to all our customers, stay safe.

Source: Agilebase