Updates to agile:NPDtech

Some exciting new releases to look out for in our specialist NPD and technical software

With our new agile:NPDtech and agile:SA software now being heavily used by a number of food manufacturers, like Beacon Foods (South Wales), Foodcase (Holland), Markus Products, Olives et Al (both Dorset) and Taste Connection (Gloucestershire), we’ve had the opportunity to gather feedback and release our first major update.


A number of helpful tweaks and features have been included:


Recipe logging options


As standard, the system shows a tab for entering a recipe for any made product, but not bought products. This distinction is at the core of the recipe development and supplier approval processes that agileChilli provides. Any product you make will need a recipe in order that you can generate specs to send to customers, recipe declarations to print on labels, calculate allergens and nutrition etc.

Conversely, if the product is bought from a supplier, a different set of options will appear, offering to automatically chase and receive supplier certificates, ingredients specs and much more.

However, for some customers there’s a bit of overlap. In those cases, it’s useful to log recipes and be able to calculate ingredients declarations etc. So you can now set an option to show the recipe tab for any product, bought or made.


Ingredient declaration grouping


Some more complex recipes may contain two or more different types of an ingredient, potentially from different suppliers. For example, kibbled chillies and crushed chillies. You may want to just show one name on the ingredients declaration, ‘chillies’. You now have the option of specifying a ‘name for ingredients declaration’ for each ingredient. If a recipe contains more than one ingredient with this same simple name, it will combine them into one, adding the percentages together.


Decimal points


A simple but useful one this – you can now use decimal points in recipe ingredient quantities, i.e. you can express ingredients in fractions of a gram (or whatever measure you use).


Thank you to our customers that have given us valuable feedback and we look forward to growing the system further with your help.


For more information on our agile:NPD software and the modules included, please download our brochure:

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