Upcoming release

Today we’re taking the unusual step of announcing details of an upcoming release in advance. It’s a feature packed release with some significant updates.

Homepage makeover

The first thing you’ll notice is the new icons! We’re using Duotone, a beautiful new icon style available as part of Font Awesome Pro. As well as the stylish new look, there are more icons to choose from for app developers. Our favourite is ‘pepper-hot’:

We have also changed the way the Tiles on the Home Page display to give you more control. The order can now be fixed by by going into the “Tiles” area of the administration interface and using the numbering.

Tiles will still change size depending on how often they’re opened, but the least used won’t move to the end of the screen. It was a nice idea but actually, testing has shown that the system’s easier to use when they remain in the same positions. Maintaining a logical order is now possible, so you can put suppliers next to customers or ingredients before products.

User interface tweaks

Many other elements of the system have been tweaked, following analysis of our most recent UX testing programme. For example, number prefixes in dropdowns have been removed (the numbering is used purely for ordering purposes) and there’s a new UI to show sub-tabs.

Even more UI changes are planned, so watch this space!

Auto-updating calculations

When using inline editing in a tab, e.g. as in the screenshot below of editing a recipe, all calculations will update as you type. In this example when you change an ingredient quantity, all the percentages update as well as the quantity total at the bottom of the list.

On demand workflows

Until now you’ve been able to set up automated workflows to run regularly, up to every 5 minutes, or on creation of a new record. Now you can also run them every time a record is loaded by a user. Since you can do so much with workflows, like edit records based on rules, or generate documents, this gives you the ability to set up automations to work in a much more user friendly way, without people having to refresh records or wait for changes.

As we say, there’s lots more in the pipeline and we’ll shortly have some news to share about a new type of usage pattern for agileBase. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new user interface which will be released in the next few days – we always aim to keep the system fast, friendly and flexible.

Source: Agilebase