Traffic lights

agileBase has long had the ability to colour unusual values, for numbers and dates. This is based on standard deviation from the mean.

These colours have recently been tweaked to better follow the agileBase colour palette, but along with that, we’ve also added the ability to colour text fields, based on the words in them.

To turn it on for a text field, edit the field options in the admin interface and tick ‘colour words’.

The words can produce green, orange, red or blue, as per this screenshot of ‘taste test’ results:

word colours

The complete list of words that display green is, at time of writing:

“green”,”good”, “robust”, “high”, “yes”, “complete”, “completed”, “finished”, “done”, “success”, “successful”, “excellent”, “high value”, “live”, “active”, “new”, “won”, “accepted”, “confirmed”, “invoice”, “approved”, “launched”, “low risk”

Orange: “amber”, “warm”, “orange”

Red: “red”,”low”, “no”, “poor”, “fragile”, “bad”, “dead”, “on hold”, “inactive”, “lost”, “rejected”, “denied”, “credit note”, “not low risk”, “high risk”, “security”,”hot”

Blue: “cold”, “cool”, “blue”

Of course, this is at the moment quite a rudimentary method of colouring cells and may evolve, but it’s nonetheless a nice quick way to produce a ‘traffic lights’ style report.



Source: Agilebase