Roundup – What’s New

What’s new in the agileBase platform this week? As usual, we haven’t been sitting on our hands and there are some interesting new updates.

Font Awesome

The icons used in agileBase, as part of the user interface and from which an administrator to represent each tile, have been upgraded to Font Awesome version 5, bringing a massive number of extra icons and a fresh, clean look, as well as some usability enhancements – ticked checkboxes are easier to differentiate.

We are a proud funder of the Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter, the most funded software Kickstarter of all time. As such we’re able to make over a thousand icons available in agileBase including the Pro pack – whatever module or app you want to build, there’ll be an icon for it!


Some customers use the multi-tenanting capabilities of agileBase – the ability to separate users into groups who can’t see each other’s data. This can be used for example to allow different sets of companies, clubs, or membership groups (or whatever the organisational group is) to use the same system features whilst remaining separate from each other.

To recap, the way this is set up is that a role is created for each group with a ‘filtering’ field name and value. Whenever a view contains a field with that name, each user will only see rows where the value matches the value of the role they’re in. If a view doesn’t contain that field, data is visible to all users, which may be what’s required in some situations, for example where there’s a shared dataset such as a collection of help articles.

Now, views without a filtering field will be highlighted in the admin interface in red. So an admin can see at a glance which views will be filtered, which should help stop any from falling through the cracks.

Multi-tenanted Audit Trails

A second enhancement to do with multi-tenanting is that all audit trail logs now include the multi-tenanting value for the role a user’s in. That means an administrator can easily compare usage for each group, or even give access to the audit trails to each group so they can see their own use.

Source: Agilebase