Record count badges

What are views in agileBase used for?

Typically the majority will be operationally helping you to do your job, e.g. giving you a list of tasks to work through or a searchable list. At a higher level, others will help you gain insight e.g. performing calculations or displaying charts.

For task oriented views, knowing how many records you have to deal with today (or this week etc.) is often very useful. You can see the number if you click on a view and scroll down to the bottom, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly see the counts for all views?

Now you can! We’ve just added count badges to all views in a tile, so you can quickly scan through and see what you’re working day’s going to look like.

Here’s an example from our Supplier Approval product.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 20.16.26

At a glance, you can quickly see from the top of the screen how many items in each category are due, in progress, require verification etc.

So under ‘Audit’ for example, you can see that nothing’s due soon, but there are three in progress. If there are no records in a view, the name will be dulled slightly so it doesn’t stand out as much visually.

For views with larger numbers of records, the badge will show an approximate count, for example it will show ’10k’ if there are approx. ten thousand records. If you hover over the badge, you’ll see a more exact count as a tooltip. Even though you’re probably not going to work through 10,000 records one by one, it might be still be useful to see in context, particularly for new users. In a CRM system say, a sales manager might like to see that there are 10k opportunities in the system of which about 6k have been won, 4k lost and a handful in progress.


You might notice one other thing from the screenshot that’s new – the views are under headings. You can now optionally add headings in to your own systems to organise views.

It’s very simple, when naming your views, just put the heading name first, separated from the main name by a dash.

So a set of views

  • opportunities – all
  • opportunities – won
  • opportunities – lost
  • opportunities – in progress

will display as

  • opportunities
    • all
    • won
    • lost
    • in progress

We think these two improvements will be very useful to lots of customers, we look forward to getting feedback on any further tweaks we can make.


Source: Agilebase