Purchase extended audit trail

agileBase keeps a record of every single change made to any data in the system, for a period of one year, along with the time of the change and who made it.

Data edits can be seen by clicking ‘history’ at the bottom of any editing screen.


Some customers now have up to 6 million history records in the past 12 months, containing both user changes and automated changes caused by workflows, i.e. where a record is created, updated or deleted automatically based on rules.

You may want to extend the audit trail to multiple years worth of data. This is now possible, for a simple, small charge of £15 per month for each year of audit trail data you wish to keep.

Furthermore, customers who choose this upgrade will also benefit from a much increased ability to analyse the data. Normally, the only ways of seeing the history are to view it for one particular record, as above, or download the most recent 200,000 changes to spreadsheet. However, with the upgrade, data will be available to be viewed in the same way as user data, i.e. in tables from which you can create views, add calculations, charts etc.

So for example, you could analyse how many changes were made per month by each user, count the volume of logins from various locations or see what the most common fields are to search on. All data’s available to query, whether that be data changes, logins, view queries, even administration functions like adding new fields/tables/views or changing user privileges.

If you’re interested in setting that up, please do get in touch.





Source: Agilebase