New Tiles for agile:NPDtech

As a company we are committed to continually improving the product, based on the invaluable feedback we receive from our customers.

Today we are announcing some changes in response to the growth in the number of views in the product.

We have rationalised both the names of the views and of the tiles to make them more easy to understand.

The original Supplier Approval tile has now been split out into three: Supplier Approval, Supplier Approval Review and Ingredient Supplier Approval.

Supplier Approval Review deals with reviewing existing approvals (as opposed to approving new suppliers. Ingredient Supplier Approval is about approving individual ingredients from each supplier, for example taking care of specifications and tracking expiry dates.

The Ingredients tile has also been split into three: Food Alerts, Ingredients and Ingredient Approval.

Food Alerts shows recent alerts from the Food Standards Agency and lets you action them (or log that no action is necessary).

Ingredient Approval covers the initial steps to approve an ingredient, independent of any particular supplier.

Thanks again for your feedback.