New features in agile:NPDtech

It’s been a busy lockdown here at agileChilli. In this last month we’ve completed 20 items in our development list. Some highlights are:


Chase for custom documents


agile:NPDtech’s supplier approval process can now chase suppliers for custom documents. Previously you could chase for common documents such as certifications and ingredient specifications, but now you can add your own – for example you may wish to collect liability insurance certificates from every supplier.

Custom documents get automatically chased and uploaded in exactly the same way as a standard document.


Functional ingredients


In a recipe, the functions of each ingredient can be specified, e.g. if an ingredient’s a preservative or antioxidant. These will then roll up into the automatically generated ingredient declarations, for use on product specs or labels.



Brief-level milestones


The add-on milestones module now has an option that allows you to track items at the brief level (as well as the product level).


If you’re interested in trying the milestones module, with or without stage gates then please let us know.


Also, to enhance milestone tracking, the calendar is now searchable, so you can easily pinpoint milestones for a particular product, when viewing them in a timeline.


We’re grateful for all the feedback from customers which each month helps agile:NPDtech become a more useful product. Keep it coming!