Navigating recent items

I don’t know if this is a functionality that AB already has, […] something that showed you the recent documentation/pages you’d visit – just a few, so that if you needed to tab out on a phone call etc. you could easily return to what you were doing. It’s a common feature I think used for membership orgs as we’re often in the middle of something when people call and want x, y or z doing.

So said a customer using agileBase recently, the CIPA.

At the time, we didn’t have that facility, but we’ve now added it, so thanks to their request, everyone can take advantage of it.

To see the recent items you’ve looked at or edited, simply click the pulldown arrow at the top of the screen – you’ll see a list of them appear, looking something like this:

recently viewed

New items will appear on the left and you can scroll right to see older items.

Please check it out and let us know what you think. All further improvement ideas welcome!

What’s up next?

We like to keep things snappy so there are various speed and performance improvements that have been released recently, or are about to take effect, but apart from that behind-the-scenes work, one major area we’re also working on is charting.

The release of the Highcharts Editor has encouraged us to use their facility and/or take inspiration from it to beef up our existing charting functions. So you’ll see enhanced chart editing coming soon, watch this space.

Source: Agilebase