Milestones visualisation

As you may have heard, agile:NPDtech‘s milestones module has been getting a lot of love recently, with some major improvements to make it a real time saver for NPD departments managing lots of product development.

To cap it all off, we’ve now added a milestones visualiser in the calendar. That lets you see a GANTT-chart like view showing milestones grouped by person responsible, colour coded by milestone status. So you can see at a glance the workload of your staff and whether any dates need to be moved about. You can choose ‘year grid’, ‘month grid’ or ‘week grid’ to see milestones at various levels of ‘zoom’.

To use it, just open the calendar in agile:NPDtech, click ‘add/remove’ and tick the ‘milestones by owner’ view under in the Calendar Views section. There’s one track for each milestone owner at the left.

Alternatively, you can tick ‘milestones by product’ to get each product in development tracked separately.

Please let us know how you get on with these views!