Mandating Two Factor Authentication

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We’ve had two-factor authentication (2FA) capabilities for around three years now in the agileBase platform. Along with the other platform features, we’ve been keeping it up to date and improving as time goes on.

For example, as of a few months ago you can set up app-based 2FA for enhanced robustness.

Two factor authentication is now widely used in the world of software and generally understood by users, so we can start promoting it’s use a bit more. At the end of the day it is a practical security mechanism that for little effort can greatly reduce the chances of accounts being hacked. Everyone’s usually a fan of that. Find out more.

So the agileBase platform now requires that the most privileged actions require 2FA to be enabled. Those are

  1. Giving a user administrator privileges on the whole account
  2. Giving user manage privileges on a table

An administrator can effectively do anything within the customer account – add/remove users, assign roles and privileges and create/destroy any tables, views or data.

Someone with manage privileges on a table can make more limited changes to that table only but can still remove fields and delete/edit all data in bulk.

When an administrator assigns those privileges to someone, the system checks that the user has 2FA enabled first. If privileges are assigned to a role, everyone in that role must have 2FA enabled.

This is a step along the road to promoting 2FA throughout the user base. Please let us know if you’ve any thoughts or suggestions.

Source: Agilebase