Introducing agile:SA

Supplier Approval software. Be audit-ready, with total control over your supply chain.

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agile:SA manages the approval process of suppliers & ingredients to ensure you are audit-ready and maintain compliance.


Our supplier approval software agile:SA enables you to:

  • Easily approve and manage your suppliers and ingredients. Attach certificates and accreditations, specification documents and risk assessments against suppliers to easily demonstrate their compliance.


  • Save time chasing suppliers for up to date information, by setting up email reminders that automatically chase your suppliers as certificates or specifications are due to expire.


  • Get weekly emails with a report of activity, including ingredients that are awaiting approval, risk assessments that are due and supplier accreditations that are soon to expire.


  • Log samples you receive against the appropriate ingredient and record the supplier. 


  • Access all of your data anywhere and anytime you need it with agileBase’s secure cloud software.


Who is SA for?

agile:SA is for technical teams in food manufacturers, that are responsible for managing supplier and ingredient approvals. Whether you’re a small team or large manufacturer, our software ensures you maintain compliance and are audit-ready at any moment.

With automatic reminder emails to suppliers and weekly reports, agile:SA provides automation to support your technical teams, improve efficiency and their internal approval process.


How does agile:SA work?

agile:SA helps technical teams with day-to-day tasks by automating much of their work and keeps everything needed to approve a supplier and ingredients in one place. It collates appropriate data and issues weekly reports on missing information and reminders for soon-to-expire accreditations.


The powerful features of SA

Automation of email reminders

Automatically set up email reminders that go out to your suppliers as information on them expires. This revolutionary tool helps to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information from your suppliers.


  • Automatic emails allow you to:
    • Chase a supplier for an ingredient’s specification doc
    • Remind the customer that an ingredient’s risk assessment is due
    • Chase a supplier for an outstanding SAQ
    • Remind the customer a supplier audit is due to expire
    • Remind the customer a supplier accreditation is due to expire
    • Chase a supplier for a response to a non-conformance


  • Weekly supplier approval reports

Technical managers receive a weekly report highlighting any missing or soon to expire information. Used alongside the automatic email feature, it helps gather a comprehensive file of SAQs, risk assessment and accreditation documents.


  • Monthly Management Report

Receive a monthly summary of the weekly reports data – ideal for senior managers and owners.


  • Additional reports

agile:SA’s cloud-based platform agileBase is built to evolve with your business. Existing software can be tailored in hours to meet your latest business needs.


  • Samples In

Log samples received from suppliers against the appropriate ingredient and supplier record. Collating feedback in one place ensures you are always on top of decisions, speeding up new product development and getting your products out to market quicker.


  • Risk Assessments

Stay on top of industry changes that impact your business with live food alerts from the Food Standards Agency.


Want to see more?

Find out more here or call us today for a remote demo of agile:SA


If you have any questions about our software, then call our team on 0117 321 0104 and we’ll be happy to help.