Introducing NPD:tech

Get your new products out to market quicker than ever before

NPD:tech enables you to get your new products out to market quicker than ever before, while giving you the traceability and reports that you need. Welcome to the agileChilli world where compliance is supported and innovation is rewarded.


NPD:tech  – the New Product Development Software for the Food Manufacturer, enables you to:


  • Be consistently faster to market with your innovative ideas at the best possible cost and value
  • Track and record all information throughout the product development lifecycle with ease
  • Write your specifications more efficiently, sharing them between the NPD and Technical teams
  • Access all of your data anywhere and anytime you need it
  • Improve traceability around specification & recipe changes as well as compliance on new products and ranges


Food product development software that works for you


Who is NPD:tech for?


If you are a food manufacturing business developing new recipes or honing your existing products then NPD:tech is for you. Whether you are a food development consultancy, small team or a large manufacturer then our software is designed to scale to meet your business needs.


NPD:tech works for both technical and NPD teams allowing creativity to be harnessed whilst maintaining full compliance with traceability. You can forget about complex paper processes or dealing with inadequate not-fit-for-purpose software, NPD:tech is based on years of industry experience so we can be confident that it meets the needs of businesses like yours.

“NPD:tech will be of invaluable help to your NPD team, as they create and perfect recipes, clearly seeing the impact on cost, allergens and ingredient decs as they make changes. Your Technical team will benefit from seamlessly developing product specifications created by NPD, managing supplier approval process and tracking all changes made to recipes, specifications and any other data within the system. NPD:tech will enable innovation with compliance and improve your ability to develop exciting and compliant new products.”

Mark Garrett, agileChilli


How does NPD:tech work?


NPD:tech tracks and records all information throughout the development lifecycle. It takes you from idea (whether internal or customer-led) through to briefs and samples up to the finished products. This enables businesses to rapidly create new products or variants, tracking the impact on cost, nutrition, allergens and origins with every change to the recipe.


We have built our food product development software on the robust agileBase cloud platform to give you secure access to your data and the reports you and your customers need. It is made up of a number of modules that are designed to adapt and scale to your business. This allows you to remain agile in an industry that demands it.


The core modules include:


  1. Essentials – keep all details of suppliers & customers
  2. Briefs – capture & manage ideas for new products and ranges
  3. Products & Ingredients – cover the processing of ingredients & creation of recipes through to the end product
  4. Samples out – log requests for samples from your customers
  5. Document Library – securely store briefs & specifications
  6. Specifications – automatically generate Ingredient Declarations, Product Spec documents as well as custom reports such as for allergens and traceability around specification & recipe changes


Harness your creativity while remaining in full control of process & quality management



The Powerful Features of NPD:tech Collaboration


NPD:tech makes collaboration on a project effortless. Discussion is built in at every step, allowing NPD and Technical teams to work seamlessly together to better meet customer needs. This delivers transparency, accountability and improved productivity.



New product development is creative and technical at the same time. NPD:tech has been developed so that you can embrace your creativity and remain in control of process and quality management at every stage of the lifecycle. NPD:tech gives team members control over all elements of NPD in one convenient place. User-friendly and intuitive, our software provides the data you need immediately, no matter where you are, from the factory floor to a customer’s office. It allows you to manage customer briefs and food safety, ensuring that you have a log of changes to specifications and recipes.




NPD:tech enables technical teams to have full traceability at the click of a button. This makes it easier to meet all standards and benchmarks, whether regulatory, internal or customer driven. Our software helps product development and technical teams cope with complex regulations and maintain the highest standards whilst creating and launching successful products.


“We kept our approach to building NPD:tech simple. We put together a really talented team, with the right mix of skills and experience and then tested our work again and again with clients to make sure we got it right. For us the aim is always to put users’ needs at the core of our development work.”

Cliff Calcutt –  agileChilli


How much does NPD:tech cost?


We’re not asking you to pay a penny until you’ve experienced the full power and flexibility of NPD:tech. You can sign up for a no obligation free trial of our Supplier Approval module which is included in the NPD:tech – this will give you unlimited access for 14 days.

We offer a Supplier Approval module for as little as £99+VAT a month for smaller teams. It includes the powerful Essentials module that enables you to track and approve suppliers, their contact details and accreditation status. The full NPD:tech product starts at £345 a month which gives five users full access to all of the core modules, up to 1GB of secure storage and 50,000 records.

Additional modules can be purchased on a pick and mix basis as and when required. These add-on modules offer even more capability including user defined milestones, capturing incurred costs as well as a whole host of other features designed to supercharge the development of new food products. Each additional module starts from as little as £50 each.


If you have any questions about NPD:tech then call our team on 0117 321 0104 or email us and we’ll be happy to help.