Global editing privileges

It’s a little bit surprising to see but at halfway through the year, development of the agileBase platform is going roughly according to plan, as set out in the 2020 roadmap last December.

We’ve been concentrating on building in capabilities to let businesses “scale up without screwing up” – in practical terms, things like administrator controls, efficiency, data privacy and security. Some of these things have been going on behind the scenes but many we can showcase and introduce as platform features.

One of those we can introduce today – granular global editing privileges.

Global editing is a powerful feature that allows users to quickly update many records at once – it works a bit like “find and replace” in a text editor.

This is obviously a feature that benefits from restricting the number of people who can use it. If you’re a food manufacturer for example, you may want to be able to bulk replace one ingredient with another in all recipes, but you may not want everyone to be able to use this capability!

Until now, global edit rights could be assigned by giving someone MANAGE privileges on a table. This privilege level comes with many additional capabilities though – anyone with those privileges can manage the structure of the table, adding and removing fields.

Global editing rights can now be assigned on their own. There is a new checkbox in the role properties page, ‘allow global editing’. Adding a user to this role will allow them to perform global edits on any table they have EDIT privileges on.

This should be useful to many people, particularly those using multi-tenanted products built with agileBase, who can’t be assigned manage privileges. 

People with manage privileges on table can still globally edit the data, whether or not they’re in a role with ‘allow global edit’ ticked.

Source: Agilebase