Footers for controlled documents

Many customers use agileBase’s document generation capabilities to produce important documents such as invoices or product specifications.

In some cases, it’s important for documents to include footers containing an identifier and page numbers, like ‘page 1 of 10’. The reason is that when these documents are printed out, you want to be sure that you’re not missing a page without realising it, or mixing up pages from two different products. This can be important for example when dealing with documents relating to the safety of people, such as specifications for food products. If supplying an end customer, you don’t want them to miss out the page containing nut allergy information!


Administrator information for setting up

There’s now an option for ‘footer style’ in file fields. Leaving this as ‘no footer’, the default, will produce no change but choosing ‘footer’ will include page numbers and also a record identifier (title) of your choosing.

The title is simply chosen from the first field in the view containing the document template.

We’ll be happy to consider adding additional footer styles containing different information or layouts if necessary – just let us know what you need.

Descriptive file names

There’s also another new feature with this release.

Previously, generated files would take the name of the template, so all files generated by a particular workflow would have the same name. Now, the record title is appended to that – this is the same identifier, or title, as above, i.e. the value of the first field in the template view. So you can make it whatever you like – if generating an invoice, it may be the invoice number or customer name for example.

Source: Agilebase