Feature Upvote – Helping Us to Help You

The agile:NPDtech that you see today has years of hard graft and innovation behind it, as we constantly seek to evolve and improve the software platform to ensure it meets the demands and versatility required by our customers. It’s fair to say that your feedback has helped to shape the product you use today.

As more customers are joining, allow us to introduce Feature Upvote, our new tool which allows us to quickly surface the most valuable product ideas from you and the rest of the community.

With the help of feedback boards and built-in voting functionality, you can let us know what you think and share any brainwaves you might have. It’s easy to use and helps bring the best ideas to fruition in the most timely way possible.

How does Feature Upvote work in practice? A customer wanted to know if we could add something to the ingredients sourcing feature, as they were finding that some suppliers were now using multiple manufacturers. We could see immediately how adding in a function to allow for having multiple manufacturers could prove useful. Result? The function has already been added to agile:NPDtech and many customers are already benefiting from it.

Likewise, it was pointed out that “Risk Scores” were perhaps not as visible as they could, or even should be, so a feature has now been added that auto creates risk scores and makes them visible at the top level.

To get a feel for Feature Upvote and to see some of the suggestions that have been made and implemented so far, select ‘Make A Suggestion’ from the user menu at the top right of the screen, when logged in to agile:NPDtech.

Even if not logged in, please feel free to check us out at https://agilechilli.featureupvote.com/. Clicking on the “Add your Suggestion” button takes you through to a short form where you can add your suggestions and details – it’s that simple!

Not all suggestions will make the cut but we want our software to be as user friendly and versatile as possible for our full range of customers. So, we’re here to listen and when a great idea is brought to our attention, or an existing function can be improved, we’ll do our best to tweak and perfect the product until it’s the best version it can be at any particular time.

We look forward to reading your suggestions.