Chaser improvements

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At agileChilli, we’re continuously improving the software we provide, not a week goes by without an update to agile:NPDtech, agile:SA or the underlying platform, agileBase.

These improvements are often driven by customer requests – to see some of the functionality we’ve added recently, please take a look at

We don’t generally make a big thing of these regular updates, but today we’re notifying you of some improvements to the Chaser that many people have requested, particularly because they affect the communications the system sends to your suppliers on your behalf.

The Chaser is one of the biggest time saving benefits of using agileChilli software. Today’s improvements are:

Thank you messages

When a recipient responds to a chaser by uploading a document, or supplying the requested details, they will now get a short thank you email, which can act as confirmation to them that their details have been received.

The thank you email will look something like this:

As a small additional way of making the process slightly nicer, the respondent will also see a food-themed work of art in the ‘thank you’ webpage when they upload their response document (provided by

Thanks to FEI Foods and TasteConnection, amongst others, for requesting this acknowledgement feature.

Failure notifications

Sometimes chaser emails don’t go to their intended recipients simply because of typos in an email address. When an invalid address is detected, someone internal will be notified of this – specifically the person configured in the Settings tile to escalate chaser emails to.

Note that we’re still working on getting *all* bounced emails notified, but this should cover a major portion of them.

Thanks to The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co. most recently for this request.

Multiple attachments

It’s now possible to set up a chaser email to include multiple attachments of the same type. For example, when sending an email concerning a complaint or non-conformance, you may wish to attach a set of photos. Please contact us to request a particular setup.

Thanks to Castell Howell Foods for this request.


These changes will all go live in the next few days.

We hope they are useful to you and remember we always like to hear ideas for additional ways in which we can help. If you’d like to send us yours, just choose ‘make a suggestion’ from the user menu at the top right of the screen when logged in, or visit