Chaser deliverability

The new chaser feature of agileBase is proving one of the most popular things we’ve ever launched! For users of our agile:SA product, chasers are set up for you to automatically email suppliers requesting new ingredient spec documents, non-conformance responses, certifications & accreditations, risk assessments etc. whenever they’re due.

chaser example

With the gradually increasing focus on compliance in the industry, this innovative feature helps you maintain the best quality and grades, whilst enabling your NPD teams to launch new recipes faster, due to slashed paperwork times.

Today we’re releasing an update giving you the ability to have these emails sent from your own domain name, should you wish to.

By default, emails come from, our domain name – we can’t send email from a customer domain name without agreement and setting it up securely. That process is now in place, allowing our software, with your permission, to send emails to your suppliers and other contacts from your own domain name. You can choose whichever email address you like for emails to come from, even different addresses for different types of chaser.

The system we use also brings enhanced deliverability – we use a service with enhanced reputation, monitoring and virus scanning, which receivers trust, lowering the probability your messages will disappear into spam bins. To ensure security, various technical measures like SSL, DKIM and domain validation are in place, as well as regular scanning by TrustWave.

The cost for this is just a one-off setup fee of £75, then £15 added to your monthly bill. That will allow up to 1000 messages per month to be sent. If you need more, 3000 can be sent for £25 per month.

To get this set up, please request this to [email protected]. We will need to liaise with you and/or your IT suppliers in order to configure your internet domain name to allow this service to run.

Source: Agilebase