Charting improvements

Many thanks to all of the many UX testers and customers who’ve recently helped us improved our platform and products.

There have been more updates than usual this month, that’s just because we’re being very productive implementing all the suggestions coming our way.

Without further ado, here are a few ways in which the new charting upgrade, which has been in beta testing for the past month, has been recently improved:

Chart editing

Previously, once a chart was saved, it wasn’t editable any more. That was because there wasn’t much point – charts were so easy to recreate, in most cases just needing you to specify the x-axis and y-axis functions. Now that there are more optional settings to customise, such as chart type, editing becomes more useful.

To edit a chart, there’s a new ‘edit’ option in the chart menu.


That will let you update the chart type, filters, breakdown etc.

Chart height

There’s a new option to let the user specify the height of a chart, useful for where there are lots of rows vertically which might be squashed – available under ‘advanced settings’ when editing a chart.


Editing feedback

The charting system is now more user friendly when making changes, so it’s clear for example when actions are in progress if they’re going to take a couple of seconds.

Please carry on telling us any new improvements you can think of!

Source: Agilebase