Burndown 2019

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As 2020 draws near, we’re excitedly preparing a roadmap of all of the sci-fi style features that are planned to become part of the agileBase platform.

That will be released soon. While it’s in progress, here’s a quick rundown on some interesting stats and features from the year to date. Actually, to start with, we have a long term overview. This is a chart showing the growth of the agileBase codebase over the past 10 years.

This is what’s called a ‘burndown’ chart. Each colour band represents the amount of code added in one year. The thicker the band, the more code added. After each year, the bands get thinner towards the right because the original code is modified or removed, so there’s less of it left. New code gets added ‘on top’, a bit like layers of sediment being laid down.

You may notice a large jump half-way through 2019 at the right. That corresponds with a major change to our development and release methodology. Partly, a lot of ‘testing’ code was added to allow us to run automated tests whenever a change is introduced. Also, some infrastructure was changed to let us utilise modern tools such as Gradle and CircleCI.

The outcome of those changes is that customers can better trust the reliability of the agileBase platform for running 24×7 mission critical services, even as major new features are introduced.


Here are some outline stats of the other work completed since January.

For a rundown of the main changes, take a look through recent posts on https://blog.agilebase.co.uk/. Here are some of the main themes

In 2020, having laid the groundwork by making the process changes described at the top of this post, we’ll be able to make some more radical feature improvements around ensuring agileBase is the best platform for high growth businesses at allstages of their life.

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