Brexit Preparations

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With the Brexit deadline looming we felt the time was right to communicate what we are doing to ensure we remain compliant in case we crash out with no deal.


Perhaps the most obvious change we have needed to implement is driven by our desire to retain our EU based customers. Clearly leaving the EU doesn’t mean we no longer need to comply with EU regulations such as GDPR!


In practice, rather than just comply with the EU’s GDPR regulation themselves, we now also need to draft an additional contract per customer to say we are doing so.


Luckily the EU has created a range of “Model Clauses” for this very scenario. One these Models is specific to our situation as a SaaS provider and we can use this template, provided we make no changes.


If you are a food sector customer using agile:NPDtech or agile:SA, to review this template please log in as normal at and click agile:Space at the top right, to take you to the customer support portal. There, in the Documents tile, you’ll be able to download a copy, along with our GDPR and data security/privacy policies. Other customers, please contact us.


This is just one example of the changes we are expecting to need to make. We would be more than glad to hear from anyone who has any other Brexit concerns with our services and products.


Source: Agilebase