API update

A quick update for developers using agileBase to integrate with other web based software using the API:

You can now see internal object IDs in the agileBase admin interface just by hovering over any field names, view names or table names.

To see field or calculation IDs, hover over over a field in the ‘fields’ tab of a table or view. To see table IDs, hover over the table name in the manage tab and similarly to see view IDs, hover over the view name in the view’s manage tab.

You’ll often need these values when integrating with third party systems, either to post data into agileBase or to retrieve data in a JSON feed – see the documentation linked above.

Thanks to our friends at Logic Software for suggesting that handy feature.

By the way, we’ll soon by publishing a example tutorial on how to use the API to connect to Power BI, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re interested in mastering advanced data analysis and visualisation.


Finally, on the 7th November, we’ll be exhibiting and presenting at the Food & Drink Business Europe ‘IT Summit’, at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Our director Mark Garrett will be speaking about his experiences that drove him to get involved with IT for food manufacturers. If you’re in that industry, please come along and say hello!

More info on that to come soon…


Source: Agilebase