agileBase release – user experience improvements

Today there’s one major change to make you aware of and in total 68 issues and ideas have been acted on since the last release. We’ll just pick out the highlights here.

Tab lists

This affects tabs which have multiple rows under them (e.g. in an organisation record, the ‘contacts’ tab may have many contacts).

In that case, when you click on a row (e.g. a contact), that record (the contact details) will now replace the list of contacts. New navigation buttons allow you to quickly return to the list, or navigate to and fro between each contact. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

This simplification makes the screen a lot more easy to consume and understand. If there are any questions please get in touch.

Other user interface updates

No more field level comments

NB it’s no longer possible to add comments next to any field. This was a little-used feature which was causing issues in cleaning up screen layouts.

Of course, comments can still be added to any record with a dedicated comments field. If there is no comments field in a particular table, you may need to add one to allow comments to be added.

This doesn’t affect comments added when unlocking a record, which will still work.

Auto-generated sequences in titles

If a table contains an auto-generated sequence number field, that number will be used as part of the record title. In fact it will be moved from the form up to the title.

So an invoice with an auto-generated number might be titled ‘Invoice 12345’ for example.

Rich text editing

Bullets and numbered lists can now be used when entering text into large boxes.

Page component improvements

On-screen controls like buttons and the ‘record locked’ notification have had a makeover to make their intention clearer and so that they fit in better with the rest of the system.

It’s now also possible for workflow buttons to be set to a ‘disabled’ state. You may want to disable a particular button until certain fields have been completed for example.

To control a button’s disabled/enabled state, use the ‘lock when record in view’ option for the referenced field representing the button. In this case the ‘locked’ state represents a disabled button, unlocked is enabled.

The print/export button has now been changed from a ‘print’ icon to an ‘export’ one, as exporting to spreadsheet is a more common action than printing

Password reset process

The clarity of graphics and wording throughout the password reset process has been improved

Security improvements

Notably, system administrators will now be emailed whenever a user is granted access to a table which is marked as containing commercially sensitive or personal data.


Notable fixes:

  • PDF previews now work correctly in a document library tile
  • Date pickers appear properly in the Firefox browser
  • Chart subscriptions i.e. the regular sending of charts by email sometimes failed – that feature now works reliably


  • The API now accepts dates including milliseconds, e.g. “2020-08-20 08:14:52.014”
Source: Agilebase