A handful of updates for 2019

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Thanks to our customers – who we like to keep in close contact with – and the agileBase platform that allows rapid updates, we have quite a responsive development process that allows us to tweak the agile:NPDtech software frequently.

 Here are a few updates for the start of 2019 that everyone should hopefully find useful:

  • Complaints

    • Additional analysis reports
      A new view in the Complaints tile allows you to see how long each complaint has taken to close. Charting allows you to analyse trends over time and find any correlations, e.g. with particular suppliers or products

    • Chasers fire more quickly
      Automated chasers to do with complaints now fire within a few minutes, rather than once a day. For example, when a complaint task is assigned.

  • Supplier Approval

    • Species licensed
      When approving a supplier, you can now record which species they’re licensed to supply you with (e.g. fish, beef). 

Note that Complaints is an optional module. If you don’t already have access and you’d like a look, please let us know and we’ll sort out a demo.