The briefs functionality within agile:NPDTech will help you capture requirements from your customers when they come to you asking for new products.


Start by going into the contacts tab. Find the list of sales customers, and open up the details of the company who’s sent the brief. We can use the facilities here to capture their requirements.


You’ll see options for the brief owner, this is the person dealing with the customer, and you can also capture the deadline for the project. Once you’ve done that, update the status to show you’re ‘in progress’.


Now you can add a basic description of what is required, the application, and any special requirements.

You may want to add some special features, like capturing your target date, price and the quantity that you’re expecting them to order.


Then you can have a look at the current range of products that you’ve got, to see what you can offer for creating some custom work.


Load the full details, and you’ll see that you’ve now got a tab with the recipes. Go into that section, and there’ll be / add a list of products that potentially might be able to satisfy the customer straight off.


Find the one you want, go to the ‘samples out’ tab, ‘add’ a samples out, and pick that product again.


We can also use this facility to capture samples out to help us get feedback. First of all, say who is going to receive this sample, so choose the site and which customer is going to be receiving the sample.


They’ve no longer requested it, we’re actually in progress, the date that it’s due, who’s actually requested it, and you might have an approval process you have to go through – you can record it there.


Select who is going to make it, how much you’re wanting to make and what packaging we want it in. If you’ve got requirements, requirements, you can schedule when it’s going to be made, and go on to record what’s required by shipping.


So, your sample gets sent off, then at some point you’re going to want to start to chase for feedback.You can say it’s been requested, and the system can then use the in-built chaser, if you wish, to go and chase the customer for feedback,


When you’ve got that feedback back, you can record it in here. Then you can take your recipe, press ‘clone’ to create a copy for you to edit. You can use this as a base recipe ready for you to alter, according to the feedback.


Navigate through to your cloned recipe, and correct the title, then we need to unlock it ( ‘feedback form sample out’) and we’re going to change it with [pause] ‘apple’.


Now go to your ingredients, and you can add an ingredient, so look at options for what they’ve currently got. Choose from the list. If the product is a still awaiting approval, that’s something to bear in mind, but you now have a clone of your original ready for further samples to be taken out.


Head back to your brief, go to your samples out, add a new sample out , and you’ll need to choose. Then it’s same again: choose the site and choose who’s getting it.


You’ve been here before, so add in all the information about when it needs to be required for and store any documents that they send you by [pressing … and uploading]


You can add the courier description, ‘special delivery cost’, add value, and you can upload the receipt. That then gets attributed back to this brief; you can actually also attribute it to the product sample as well if you wish.


You might also want to allocate time, in which case you can add a description and the relevant number of hours. Again, you can upload evidence here.