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Non Conformance - agileChilli

Info about Non Conformance

The Non Conformance form helps capture the information your organisation will need to deal with a nonconforming service, product or process, from one of your suppliers. Use the form to capture a description of the problem including uploading any evidence. Classify the type and severity of the Non Conformance and who is responsible for the managing the issue. It is important to define “immediate corrective actions” as these are effectively ‘damage control’.

The Non Conformance form allows you to work through a basic process of handling the issue:

  • Logging the Issue
  • Informing the Supplier
  • Chasing and Logging the Supplier’s response
  • Defining the Root Cause and Preventative Actions
  • Verifying the closure of the Issue

The system has email functionality built-in, providing a one click solution to inform the Supplier and starting the “chaser”. The chaser functionality takes in to account the severity of the problem, chasing them more frequently the more severe the issue. Finally, a one click solution will inform the supplier when you have Verified the closure of the issue.

The system will help classify the Non-Conformance in to one of three types: General issues with the supplier, Specific issues with an ingredient (normally a specific delivery) as well as those issues found during an Audit.

In addition to any evidence, there is the ability to upload any documents that support the Issue

Non Conformance Tile

The Non Conformance tile contains the reports you will use on a Day to Day basis to manage outstanding Issues. They generally contain a list of items that are in progress or need attention. There is also an overview of  Issues raised against a Supplier, and a similar report against an Ingredient. These reports are useful for identifying “problem” suppliers and ingredients.

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