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Ingredient Suppliers - agileChilli

Info about Ingredient Suppliers

The Ingredient Supplier record captures the linking of an Ingredient with a particular Supplier. It is important to realise that the combination needs its own approval and regular review.

Capture details about any further risks and decide on a monitoring schedule.
You can also store details of any Samples In you receive.

It is also important to log any specific Non Conformances against the Ingredient Supplier for performance reporting.

The Commercial team can also log their conversations about commercial negotiations ensuring the technical team are up to speed.

Supplier Ingredient Specification Document

The Ingredient Supplier form allows you to store the Supplier’s own Ingredient Specification document and has the facility to chase the document for you. If the appropriate settings are enabled (see automations) and the “Spec Document Status” is either “2) Requested” or “3) Chased” then the Supplier’s technical contact will receive a regular email requesting the document.

Supply Chain

There are facilities to log the companies that are involved in the supply chain of the ingredient.

Simply add the company involved and specify their role from the drop down. 

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