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Samples Out - agileChilli

Info about Samples Out

Use the Samples Out facility to capture comprehensive details about the requests your Clients make for Product Samples. Labels can be produced automatically from the details you enter.

The system will automatically chase for feedback if requested and the appropriate settings are enabled (see automations).

The Samples out functionality tends to be used to capture client interest in existing products. If the customer is requesting several samples at the same time  it may be wise to group them together using the Briefs functionality .

Samples Out Tile

The Samples Out tile contains a collection of reports that help you manage the production of samples, chasing for feedback and even a shopping list!

Reports highlight Samples Out waiting for Feedback and help you keep track of those customers failing to respond.

Dedicated reports provide a list of samples scheduled to be made along with a facility to bulk print the scaled kitchen instructions and associated labels.

The module also contains tools to create a shopping list for the day’s Kitchen production. Simply click “select” on the samples that you want to “buy” for and the associated report will merge and roll-up all the ingredients into one printable list.

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