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Info about Briefs

A Brief

  1. Helps you to deepen the understanding (define / capture) of a client’s ambitions / needs re the product
  2. Drive the NPD process
  3. Capture / understand the considerable work and costs involved in Product development
  4. Tie these costs back to source client (if applicable)
  5. Capture client commercial requirements and deadlines

A Brief is a useful mechanism for developing a single item or a range of related products as it focuses on the Client’s requirements. As such it can be a useful container even for existing products not just New Product Development.

Briefs Tile

A collection of views exist which help you stay on top of active Briefs as well as alerting the NPD team  to newly created Briefs from the Commercial team. 

Samples Out

A brief may involve the iteration of a Product (range) with many variations needing to be assessed by the end client before finalising the recipe. Use the Samples Out tab to collate all the various samples that are sent to the client.

For more information about Samples Out click here

Direct Costs

The ability to log any incidental costs incurred during the managing of the brief should be logged under the Direct Costs tab. Costs may be for an item or simply time expended (e.g. attending a Client visit). Costs can be attributed to the brief, the product or both depending upon how you wish to attribute them.

Ancilliary Documents

Use this tile to store any associated documents related to the brief. This can vary from communication with the client to presentations to evidence of receipts.

Recipes Tab

The recipes tab within the Brief contains each Product iteration (each of the various small recipe changes that were trialled) that are involved with the Brief. 

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